Ravi Rajani
Rock driven raw energy and a sensitivity to jazzier conventions, a fine tightrope upon which to walk, perhaps, hopefully, the shape of things to come?
– All About Jazz
There is very little doubt that Ravi Rajani is a guitarist of rare ability
– Blues Matters


Ravi Rajani took his first steps into the music world at the age of nine, when he began learning to play the guitar and piano while growing up in the Netherlands. By the time he was 15, Ravi was already going to jam sessions and being asked to play for students' recitals at the local conservatory. Those students encouraged him to audition for the prestigious Royal Conservatory of Music in The Hague, where he was accepted to study jazz.

After gaining a solid musical foundation in the Netherlands, Ravi moved to London where he worked as a session musician and performed with numerous artists, including American soul duo Kloud 9. His experiences supporting American acts rekindled a long-held desire to live in New York. A postgraduate scholarship brought this dream to fruition and gave rise to one of his most formative years.

At the end of his studies, Ravi moved to Manchester, UK, where he started fusion band Current Affairs with pianist John Cervantes and spoken word artist Ben Mellor. Their music paired acerbic political commentary with complex rhythms inspired by Steve Coleman. The project culminated in critically acclaimed performances at Manchester International Festival and Manchester Jazz Festival.

During his time in North West England, Ravi was regularly seen performing in groups with drum legend Myke Wilson and bassist Frank Grime, both of whom would feature on his debut instrumental solo album Mass Production. The album was a catalogue of tunes that represented the different musical guises spanning his career.

Following the release of Mass Production, Ravi moved to Oakland, California, where he would further explore another side of his musical personality: songwriting. Together with Rahel Abebe, he has written a variety of songs in many genres. Ravi is currently back in London and continues to write and perform songs with his new trio featuring bass, drums, guitar, and an instrument he calls “The Chordalizer”.


Ravi's distinct electric guitar style has been influenced by Robben Ford, Scott Henderson, and Robert Cray. His favourite jazz composer and instrumentalist is Chick Corea, whose fusion music has consistently remained innovative and beautifully crafted. He is also inspired by classic songs of the 20th Century, particularly those written in the 1980s that are characterized by catchy melodies, natural structure, powerful groove, and rich arrangements. It's impossible to list all the songwriters that have had an impact on him but any such list would certainly include Rod Temperton, David Paich, Prince, James Ingram and Eric Clapton.